The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day

Our company headed out this morning.  The house is so chaotic with everyone here...there were 15 of us in the house through the weekend, but we love having company and getting to visit with everyone.  When the 10 of them left, it was quiet...almost deserted.  Both my husband and I live 3 1/2 hours from our families.  Dad was in charge of Peanut.  She was quite tired.  We let the boys do their own thing for awhile.  I always clean the kitchen, bathrooms and start laundry when company leaves.  With that many of us, those are the rooms that take the most traffic.  My husband had to head to work shortly after lunch so the boys and I watched a movie.  OK...I confess, I might have napped a little :-) 

There she goes with her eyes closed again!!!

After the movie, the boys were restless and had a little bit of an attitude.  I decided a change of scenery might help everyone.  We headed to the bike trail along the river.  We walked for awhile.  I tried to get pics of the changing leaves but the rain last week wiped out a lot of the leaves. Maybe tomorrow Hailey and I can find better fall foliage.  Ian wanted collect every leaf he saw...I convinced him that 5 would be enough!  When the boys started grumbling about the "miles" they had walked, I decided it was time to head back. 

Always has to keep up with big brother!

Ian with his leaves....

I can never get a good pic of all 3...

See what I mean?

Hailey finally fell asleep when we were driving home.  We left her in her carseat and had a picnic in the family room. 

The fresh air made her sleepy

Our picnic...don't mind the ugly blanket :-)

Just another ordinary day...just like families with typical children.  Living our life like "normal".


  1. Looks like Hailey raided Reagan's closet...and she looks just as cute in the outfit too :) I love picnics like that...and so do all my girls. Fun normal extraordinary days!