The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 for 21: Day 30 Little Peanut Keeps on Rockin'

Today was a catch up day for us.  We had a busy week last week and a busier week this week.  I like to give the kids some down time.  The boys spent the day playing as I cleaned and did laundry.  This is their idea of playing with their sister, hmmmm.....

Well, Mom, at least they gave me a few toys.

Hailey decided though that today wasn't a day of rest.  She finally sat for about 30 seconds to a minute without propping herself or tipping over!  No, it wasn't too long but she showed she can do it.  She does better when she doesn't "realize" she is sitting on her own.  She also starting pivoting on the floor.  Well, she has probably been doing it before but we haven't seen her do it.  I think she does stuff in front of us just so we will cheer for her.  She's a ham and loves the attention! 

Hailey doesn't know it but mommy really needed to see her do these two things today.  I think we kind of live in our bubble here.  We see Hailey meeting milestones and we think she is doing fabulous (and yes, I know she is) but then we see her next to a "typical" child and then I second guess everything.  We were at a neighborhood get-together yesterday and the neighbor's daughter is almost 2 months behind Hailey and everything seems so easy for her.  Just in looking at them, you would think that Hailey is 2 months younger than her because the little girl is about 5 pounds bigger than Hailey.  Her movements seem more purposeful, more coordinated, stronger.  She is moving about much better than Hailey.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy that the little girl is doing so well.  It is just in those moments that I realize that Hailey is a little behind others (even though she is doing fabulous for someone that was 4 weeks early and had open heart surgery). 

Hailey showed me today that things will be just fine and she will accomplish everything.  I just can't control it :-)  Another lesson for my type A personality :-)

Check out the crocodile tears because mommy wasn't feeding her fast enough!

Guess the carrots add a little too much orange :-)

Crying and lunch can wear a girl out!

Love these mashed potatoes!


  1. Love the sleeping after eating! Sometimes I think Kennedy is going to do that. Adorable!

  2. The pictures of the boys playing Wii while "playing" with their sister reminds me so much of my boys! And, Miss K also will give me tears if I do not feed her fast enough. LOL Finally ... that picture of Hailey sleeping in her high chair is priceless!

  3. Hailey is doing perfectly for Hailey! And what makes her so awesome is how hard she is working to reach these milestones...4 weeks early AND open heart surgery!!! She rocks!!!

  4. What great sitting! We knew she was so close. And she IS doing great. We went to my pregnancy group's Halloween party yesterday and the babies 2-1/2 to 3 months younger than Cora are crawling already. Yep. But I'm kind of used to seeing that and it almost makes me prouder of her for what she HAS accomplished, knowing that it's been harder for her.

  5. There's a little boy that lives down the street from us who is 4 months younger than Nathan (15 mos. vs. 19 mos.) I caught myself comparing them at our neighborhood Halloween party this weekend - Neighbor Boy is walking already, whereas Nathan only takes a few independent steps here and there.

    After a little while, I noticed that Nathan is MUCH more social and interactive than Neighbor Boy. The other baby is downright stoic compared to him. It made me wonder if his parents were doing any comparing of their own, and if they were (and this is the tough part), did they panic a little bit if they found their child "coming up short" in comparison to a child with Down syndrome?

    It just reinforced in my mind that every kid is different - Down syndrome or no - and there's no use comparing.