The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last one for the week...

Finally, the whirlwind week of evaluations and appointments is over.  This morning our therapist and service coordinator from the county came for Hailey's 6 month evaluation.  In some ways, it seems crazy that she has been in therapy for 6 months.  Socially, little miss butterfly sailed with flying colors.  Honestly though I had no doubt of that.  They continued with Hailey through the rest of the testing.  She was extremely cooperative.  After they were finished and calculated all the crazy state grading, L gave me a brief summary.  In the eyes of the state, Hailey is not delayed.  If she did not have Down syndrome, she would not qualify for the program based on her abilities.  Yes, we know that she has areas that definitely need strengthened and that we need to continue working as hard as we are now but I was pleased to hear that as of now she is not considered delayed.  It is nice to know that she has been evaluated by private therapists as well as our county agency with the same results. 

We topped the week of appointments with shopping at the outlet mall.  I finally found shoes that will stay on Hailey's feet.  Her poor little feet get so cold.  I had to find something to keep them warm.  My biggest weakness was the new Disney outlet.  I can't wait to post the cute onesie I picked up for Hailey.  I hope it looks as cute on! 

I had to post this pic.  I "think" it is of this morning's sky.  I'm not even sure.  I sent Ian with the camera and told him to take pictures of things he liked and things he thought were interesting.  I found this one when I downloaded them tonight.  I could do an entire post of "Life Through the Eyes of a 4 Year Old".  It was very foggy this morning and you could actually see the air "move". 

I do understand more now when mom's of older children that have Down syndrome say the first year is tough.  It is all an entirely different world.  The appointments, the worries, the therapies.  For most parents, this is foreign territory and it can be very overwhelming.  Fortunately, this was not a typical week.  Hailey did great through all of it.  She cooperated and strutted her stuff, so to speak.  She is a fabulous little girl!

I really like this Nemo...he's just my size.

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  1. Hailey is definitely rocking it, especially since she had surgery when she did. Very impressive! Oh, and Cora's toy that you asked about is borrowed from another little friend- it's a Fisher Price one that moves and plays music and it's great for stacking. She loves it, which is great for us. I have a hard time finding toys she likes too. My mom just came and brought these little bins with single colored toys in them- one has red, one has orange... you get it. She loves that too, since she can try to put the toys in and out and we learn about colors. Fun!