The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where's Hailey....found Jesse..

My husband seemed appalled that I dressed this daughter like this today.  It was too funny to pass up and we were hanging out at home anyway.  Hailey seemed a little less than thrilled with it too!

Peanut had therapy this morning.  We reviewed the summary from her evaluation at the Down syndrome clinic last week.  It is hard to believe but she has even made huge strides since that eval just a week ago.  She has even gained strength and mobility since her EI evaluation on Thursday.  Every time I feel like she has hit a plateau, she pushes a little harder and accomplishes the next step and puts herself a step closer (or a move closer to crawling).  She has been obsessed with standing on our laps for the past week and has been pulling herself into the crawling position.  Just a week ago, she needed support to be put into that position and then extra support to stay in that position. 

The rest of the day we played it low-key.  Hailey is generally wiped after therapy.  Apparently, I am looking too hard into toys for her to play with.  She spent about 30 minutes rolling around, jabbering, and laughing with this blanket. 

Overall, just a typical day in our household.  Just wanted to share the pics of Jesse :-)

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