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The Hailey Herald

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday?

In the world of blogging, someone came up with the idea of "Wordless Wednesday".  Maybe next week.  We woke this morning to pale gray skies and a steady rain falling down. 

After the bus picked up my oldest this morning, I decided to make it "Workless" Wednesday.  No therapy exercises, no appointments scheduled, no house cleaning.  Today, I spent the day enjoying my daughter.  I'm not sure how much I've been able to do that since she has been born.  Today, Hailey didn't change out of her adorable frog-footed fleece pjs.  We chatted and cuddled.  I soaked in those beautiful almond eyes and all that pudgy cuteness!  I laughed and she giggled.  I'm not sure what was so funny today but Hailey giggled at almost everything I said.  I love that giggle.  I've waited so long for that laugh.  The neonatologist when she was first diagnosed indicated that her social skills would be delayed substantially...he didn't know our daughter.  Hearing her giggle, makes my heart smile.

I've been jabbering A LOT today!

I definitely approve of "Workless Wednesday"!

Too much fun, I need to take a break.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. The real world eventually beckoned.  We had to get Brayden at the bus stop and then homework called.  Later, I met Ian's preschool teachers.  At home, Hailey finally changed out of her pjs and into new ones.  She did not enjoy her banana/mango puree this evening.  It was the first one that she really spit out because she didn't like it.  Oh well, she'll have another go at it tomorrow :-)

 (I know this picture needs rotated.  I'm suddenly having technical difficulty with my photo editing software....I just wanted to show that yes, Hailey did change pjs!)

As today comes to a close, I don't know when I will get another day to enjoy just being Hailey's mom.  With three children, those days are few and far between!  I am happy for today and will file it away with my happy memories of being Brayden's and Ian's mom.  I'm so very grateful for my three wonderful children!

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  1. Socially delayed my foot! From what I've read and witnessed, our kids aren't delayed socially much at all. Maybe smiling a week or two later, but so what?? And to be looking this happy so soon after heart surgery!? Doctors that don't really know what they're talking about would be better referring you to someone else. (Sorry for the rant!)