The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Friday, September 16, 2011

Not fond of the color blue

This morning started out stressful.  I carried Hailey down the stairs facing outward with her chest up against my forearm along with a few other things.  She was slipping out of my arms so I readjusted her a little.  I placed her on her activity mat so I could get the boys' breakfast as I do every morning.  I looked at Hailey to say something to her and I noticed that her coloring was off.  Her face was gray and her lips were bluish.  I, that's not true...I freaked. I ran her upstairs to my husband.  I was ready to call 911 but he told me to calm down.  When it comes to my children, I don't do calm very well.  When it comes to my baby who had open heart surgery 2 months ago... I don't do calm.  Unfortunately by this time, I had upset both of my boys.  About 5 minutes had past, my husband and Hailey were downstairs by this time and she was as pink as she could be.  Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were rosy and she was jabbering to her dad.  A few moments later, she started fussing for her bottle.  I didn't take my eyes off of her during the entire bottle.  Her coloring stayed perfect the entire time. 

I had the cardiology fellow paged at Children's to see where we needed to go.  I gave him a brief run through of the events. He commented that he thinks I had knocked (accidentally, of course) the wind out of her or had her in a position that she was having issues breathing.  He followed with the suggestion to see her pediatrician and if the ped thought we needed to take her to the hospital then to call back.  I snickered at his next comment, "Taking her to her ped is more economical".  Really, she's already had open heart surgery this year...we had to throw economical out the window a long time ago!

I called my ped's office on the way to my son's preschool.  We headed to the doctor shortly after.  Hailey's ped was off today but they had an appointment with another doctor.  I recognized the name because my friend's son sees him so I felt a little better.  He called us back rather quickly and asked to the description of what happened.  He smirked as he looked at Hailey.  By this time, she is oohing, ahhing and smiling at him.  He listened to her heart and commented that he wouldn't have even heard her soft murmur if we hadn't told him about it.  Listened to her lungs and then poked around the other organs.  Her lungs sounded clear.  He concurred with the cardio fellow but said he wanted a pulse ox just as verification.  After several attempts, the nurse finally got a good reading.  It was 98..99..then 100!  That's a number this momma loves seeing. 

The day continued on as normal with no major issues.  I can honestly say, I think my heart stopped.  I almost think I was more scared in those few moments than I was through her open heart surgery.  I know that sounds strange (and yes, I was very scare through that process).  I hate that I scared the boys as much as I did.  I did call my oldest son's teacher to give him the message that his sister was okay.  I felt helpless all over again.  Then to realize it was something I did.  I'm afraid it is going to take me awhile to get over the shock of this morning.  Thank God, she is okay and it wasn't anything serious.

On the upside...Hailey was tripod sitting tonight for much longer than normal when she reached out for my hand.  I was shocked to see her reach and not fall over.  She's quite the tough cookie!  She's much tougher than her momma. 

Here are some pics of her rosy little self (please ignore the red camera is in the shop and my photo software doesn't like some of my pics from my old camera).

How did she know I was going to take a pic of her napping?

What part of this looks like a comfortable sleeping position?!?

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