The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Sunday, October 27, 2013

21 Things About Hailey (31 for 21)

21 things about Hailey to honor that she has 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.

1.  She was born on her grandfather's birthday.  His name is Don.  She was supposed to be Hailey Michelle, but because they share the same birthday, they share the same name...Hailey Dawn.

2.  Hailey's eyes are both two colors:  blue with hazel spots.

3.  Hailey was a girlie girl from day 1.  She rolled over for necklace, crawled and walked for bracelets.  No joke!!  Her therapist stopped wearing jewelry after the first few months because Hailey would only focus on the bling and not what she "should" be doing.

4.  Hailey is a hoarder.  She can't have just one Little People, one book, one flashcard, or one musical instrument.  She has to carry as many as her arms can hold.

5.  Hailey has already learned to work people.  If mom tells her no, she goes straight to dad.  If Brayden won't give her part of his snack, she will wiggle up to Ian and put her arm around him.  When I say it is bedtime, she runs straight to dad and says "hug".  She snuggles into him and doesn't let go. 

6.  Hailey loves music.  She will dance in the store, in the car, in the tub, in the grocery cart and throughout the house.  Music speaks to her.  It is like the music takes over her.

7.  I truly believe people invite me to lunch, to see her over me :-)

8.  Hailey is quite independent.  She will refuse to eat pizza if you cut it up for her.  She will ask for the boys' pizza and eat the entire slice.

9.  Hailey could look at books, play with puzzles, and play with her babies for hours.  She talks to her books and points to words she knows (she will sign or say them).  She will rock her baby, cover them with blankets, feed them, and put them to bed.

10.  Hailey wakes up every morning smiling from ear to ear.

11.  Hailey hates to be restrained.  At the doctor's office, for blood work, for us to give her medicine, etc.  Many times, it does take more than one person (and yes, she is only 2).

12.  Hailey wants anything that her brothers have.  They are the world to her.  She laughs the hardest at her brothers.

13.  Hailey is sneaky.  If you are looking for something, she has probably hidden it.  She likes the trash can and house plants (she likes the toilet, but we keep the bathroom door shut)

14.  Hailey loves to help.  She likes to unload the dishwasher, help with laundry, vacuum, and this week started dusting.

15.  Hailey's favorite foods (not counting junk food...she's a junkie): bananas, avocados, and black beans.

16.  Hailey likes big dogs, but small dogs freak her out!

17.  Hailey's heart should never need surgery for her defect again. 

18.  Hailey loves people and loves for people to acknowledge her.  She walks into the Y, and will stand in front of the door until someone sees her and says hi.  She walks into the child watch room and stays at the door until one of the girls say her name.  Almost as if she has to make an "entrance".

19.  Hailey's smiles, laughter and enthusiasm is incredibly contagious and makes everyone around her stop to see what is causing so much joy. 

20.  Hailey likes to climb.  She climbs on the back of the couch, on top of the table, on the counter, on beds.  If she can't get there on her own, she knows to use a chair, stool, toy...whatever the girl can find!

21.  Hailey likes to do things she knows she shouldn't do, then yell "mom, mom, mom", until I acknowledge her.  Then I get the most mischievous grin I have ever seen.  Occasionally, I will hear "nah, nah, nah, nah".

Today we celebrated Dad's birthday.  (word to the wise...steer clear of Betty Crocker's blue icing!!!)


  1. This is great! I concur with #18.......Owen refuses to move until the people at the front desk at the Y say "Hi Owen!" and give either high fives or knuckles. I guess it's his way of saying this is MY place, people!

  2. Great list about Hailey! How special that her name is Hailey Dawn after her grandfather and you were able to work his name into her name; and that they share a birthday!

    1. Thanks! Once she was born on his birthday, we couldn't think of any other middle name :-)