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The Hailey Herald

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin But Not Cup?

One of the most frustrating part of having a child with a speech delay can be the consistency.  Hailey's speech is coming along.  Not fantastic, but she's doing good.  She has a bad habit (not sure if it is a habit or if it is just developmental) of leaving off the end of a word.  The "k" doesn't always make it to the end of "book" or the "s" on "shoes".

Recently, we have started hearing the end of some words.  Turtle, purple, bubble, done (this is a favorite when she doesn't want to do anything), cheese.  This week she finally said all of "cracker".  Today at speech therapy, the little stinker said "pumpkin".  Yes, pumpkin.  The entire word, beginning to end. 

Yes, I'm happy that she said the word.  I find it ironic though because every night Hailey walks to the fridge, signs milk and says "bottle".  Every night we make her say (or sign..depending on the mood) "want milk please".  What we get is "aunt bottle ease".  We say "cup" and she nods yes and says "bottle".  No matter how much we try, the girl will not say cup.  I find it funny she won't try to say cup but she will say pumpkin. 

Just another reminder, Hailey does what Hailey wants to do on Hailey's time :-)  She's been like that since birth, I don't figure it will change anytime soon!

Working on Halloween words and signs

Every time that Hailey hears the word "boo", she plays peek-a-boo.

Working on sorting foods & vehicles

She saw a ghost, so she had to say "boo"

Telling Ms K what she sees in the book.

Sorting big and little leaves


  1. Russell has the same issues with speech. He is lazy with the endings of his words, and sometimes the beginnings. Like "Boots", will sound like "Boo", or "Zane", will sound like "aine"...We work hard with him on fully saying the word. Speech, it's such a huge process huh? Love the pictures of Hailey working away :)

    1. I never realized how difficult speech could be! Oh, I can't wait for the time to come that all of this is a distant memory :-)

  2. Ellie could say "bubble" and "apple" before she could say cat!