The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trying for a Healthy Diet

A friend recently asked about Hailey's diet.  That is a good question :-)  I would love to say that Hailey eats all fruits, veggies, all whole grains and lots of fish.  The absolute truth...Hailey is a junk food junkie!  She will try to grab food from strangers at Reds games!  She loves food in general.  Up until last week, she ate everything but pancakes.  Then we gave her one with butter and syrup and guess what she loves pancakes, now.

Unfortunately with Down syndrome, Hailey is going to probably be short in stature and with low muscle tone, may have a weight issue.  We are working with her now on making good choice, eating "treats" in moderation, portion control and exercise.  We think it is important to teach her these things when she is young and keep reinforcing them as she grows up.

Hailey seems to not have the "I'm full" trigger.  Until she learns to recognize that, we watch her portions and obviously, her choices.  Luckily, Hailey loves fruits and vegetables.  She has to have a banana every morning with her cereal.  Every now and then we can change the banana with grapes, but honestly, not too often.  For lunch, she always has carrots, celery, cucumbers or tomatoes along with apples, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, etc.  She does always eat whole wheat bread.  Dinner, she eats what we are an age appropriate portion.  She never misses her veggies at dinner.  Tonight, the kids were all fighting about who was getting the last of the edamame. She loves salads, too!  When she plays "tea party", she sets her little plates on the table and says "here, salad".  It's funny!  Not many two year olds walk around asking for salad :-)

Hailey takes a multi-vitamin every day just in case, we are missing something in her diet.  Hailey does also eat yogurt and Kefir regularly.  We try to keep the good probiotics in her system.  Not only good for her belly, but if it can help keep away some of the stomach bugs, we are all for it.

Yes, Hailey does get some junk food and sweets.  I think it is important to teach her moderation and for not to think they are "forbidden" foods.  I don't want to find out she is going to a friend's house and gorging on junk food because they weren't allowed in her house.


  1. Russell doesn't have that "I'm full" trigger either. It makes things tough. And getting him to eat healthy is another battle. The only fruit he will eat is a banana, that's it. Vegetables have to be cooked and somewhat mashed. Eating has always been one of our biggest issues with him.

    1. frustrating! We got lucky with Hailey. I hope she continues to like good food...we will just have to keep working on portion control and everything in moderation :-)

  2. The absolute truth...Hailey is a junk food junkie! She will try to grab food from strangers at Reds games! She loves food in general. Up until last week, she ate everything but pancakes. Mike Hunt