The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Speech Therapy (31 for 21)

Having a child with Down syndrome, placed me in different circles and different experiences from the start.  So many new terms, appointments, people, that I didn't have with the boys.  One of those is therapy.  Over the past couple of years, we have had physical, occupational and speech therapies.  Hailey, at the present time, does not need physical or occupational therapy.  We continue to monitor both her gross motor and her fine motor skills.  Periodically, we have her evaluated to see if we need to pick them back up.  We do, however, still continue speech therapy.  Hailey goes once every other week downtown to Cincinnati Children's for speech therapy.  We are almost at the end of our current cycle.  She has three more appointments.  The plan was to take a break through the holidays, but Hailey starts preschool in February (*gasp*!) so we aren't sure how long the break will last.  I've noticed spurts in Hailey's speech since we vacationed at Disney in July.  With her progressing in speech and preschool starting soon, we've decided to see how things go for a little while.

Hailey started with a new speech therapist last month.  She seems to be happy with her and has been cooperating.  She might be a little sassy at times, but that is just who Hailey is.  We have been working on "big" and "little", colors, listening to directions, and action words. 

Hailey signing something while reading.

She loves fishing for "action" pictures

"Knock, Knock"

Signing "blue" getting ready to choose the next piece.

She loves the ball tower!

Miss Independent had to do it herself.

Insisting it is "her turn"

Big and little apples

As you can tell, the ball tower makes her very happy!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! Live action Hailey!!!!!!!!! Oh how I needed this. Btw, the 2nd video is listed as private. Love her hair too. Seriously, you need to include more videos in your posts. Or at least message them to me. I love that girl and she brightens my day.

    1. So you need more live Hailey? I'm not sure any of us can handle all her sass and attitude :-)